5 Rose Beauty Indulgences you can’t Miss!

Posted by Jyoti Watchmaker | February 6, 2017 | Skin

It’s the season of love; the month of February symbolizes the month of passion all over the globe with Valentine’s Day bang in the middle of the month on February 14th. But it’s not just one day, a whole week before the V-day is celebrated in different ways. Starting tomorrow, February 7th is celebrated as Rose Day, followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day and more. We at Zooty – The Beauty App have some interesting ideas lined up just for you. Rose is a popular ingredient in skin care; why not celebrate by indulging yourself in some rosy beauty therapies as a countdown to prep up for the day of love!

We get you the top 5 rose based services available across leading beauty salons. Download Zooty – The Beauty App to book your service.

Rose Pedicure

A range of products using rose essential oils as an ingredient are used for this treatment as it’s not just beneficial but has a distinctive fragrance too. This treatment is perfect for tired and aching feet. Starting with a rose sugar scrub to cleanse, followed by a heavenly massage of rose cream to soothe, finally rose masque for the feet to restore them to a baby-smooth texture.

Rose Manicure

Again a manicure which is therapeutic starting with an exfoliation with a rose scrub, followed by the aromatic massage of the rose cream on hands, fingers, and arms and finally the rose masque to hydrate. Don’t forget to end this therapy with a bright rose-colored nail polish!

Rose Facial

Rose water is one of the most highly used products in skin care regime. The best part is its versatility since it can be used on all skin types, be it dry, oily or a combination. It’s used as a natural toner and cleanser and is found in most homes in India. For the facial again, rose scrubs, masques and creams are applied on the face, and during steaming drops of rose oil or fresh rose petals are used to enhance the experience and to open clogged pores.

Rose and Milk Bath

Milk bath rituals have been there for thousands of years and this particular one has been made famous by Queen Cleopatra is known for her beauty. While milk softens the skin, rose lends great fragrance and is a mood enhancer. Having rose petals floating in your bath with milk sounds oh so heavenly and romantic! So what are you waiting for, book this decadent luxury at your favorite spa on Zooty – The Beauty App. You can make it a date with him by booking a couple’s rose and milk bath- double the indulgence and romance.

Rose Spa Massages

A beautiful rose is the symbol of romance and invokes a feeling of tenderness and love. Rose essential oil is an integral part of aromatherapy and is widely used to relieve stress and anxiety. Using traditional aromatherapy massage techniques, a gentle Rose oil massage on the skin helps to rebalance the body and is guaranteed to provide you relaxation.  

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