Impress him, don’t Depress him!

Posted by Jyoti Watchmaker | February 7, 2017 | Lifestyle

YAY, it’s Propose Day! And if you are looking forward to being swept off your feet by your knight in shining armor with flowers, gifts, chocolates and the works. Don’t let this dream become a nightmare for him or you. Guys can be little (I mean very :P) finicky about certain things which can be a major turn-off. And you do not want your propose day to become a loser day!

Here’s a quick checklist for you to prep before he gets on his knees.


Bad odor is a turn-off. Prep yourself from head-to-toe, as you don’t want to turn him off with a bad odor. Remember guys love a fresh breath, good body odor and clean and fragrant hair- so make sure that you follow the basics of hygiene.

Overloading on Makeup

Subtle and natural makeup is the way to go. Don’t slather makeup and overdo it looking like a clown. Your face is not an empty canvas that you have to paint it like one, highlight your best features, accentuate your look rather than covering up or over doing it looking like a plastic beauty!

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Don’t dress up garish or over the top. Your clothes make a first impression on him, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in but not too ill-fitting or body hugging. The most important thing about looking sexy on a date (aside from wooing your man) is that you don’t look obvious. You want to look like you wake up, eat and sleep sexy. An outfit that looks like you borrowed it from Pamela Anderson’s closet will make you look like you are trying way too hard. While you might get him interested that night, it could be for all the wrong reasons. So understand what suits your body and style and wear that!


Healthy skin and hair

Glowing skin, shiny tresses is a sign that you take care of yourself and are proud of your appearance. While it’s important to eat right, workout, banish stress and meditate, it’s also essential to pamper yourself at a salon to maintain your skin and hair. Make sure to get regular hair spas and head massages are done to take care of your crowning glory. Also go in for facials and clean-ups to retain that youthful glow, after all, it shouldn’t happen that he doesn’t call you back!

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