Stunning V-Day Nail Trends to Try!

Posted by Jyoti Watchmaker | February 9, 2017 | Nails

The lines from the famous song “I feel it in my fingers and I feel it in my toes” perfectly summarise the season of love. It’s time to wear your heart on your nails with Valentine’s Day less than a week away- sweet, fun and all things glittery are big this season. Ditch the only red nail paint look, and go in for some cute, lovey-dovey motifs on your pinkies as well as toes. According to Neha Suradkar, Creative Director and Head Trainer at Style-n-File Makeup & Nail Studio and Academy, “Theme based nails are in vogue this season and with Valentine’s Day it’s mostly heart, roses, lips, XOXO, the word LOVE which are trending in 2017. Incorporate Silver and Gold along with the usual Red, Pink and White. Another color which is raging is Rose Gold, they look best on chrome nails. Let’s not forget the stone and glitter which adds bling to the nails. Apart from these trend Wine is also a great color and not to forget pearls to add a classic touch. Animal prints on nails are also hot for the day of passion, as they signify being sexy and bold. But brides who get married on February 14th tend to play it safe with Reds and Corals along with glitter and stones.”

Infuse some hearts on your fingertips or play with glitter, you can add so much glamor to your look by just booking an appointment at a good nail art studio by downloading the Zooty- The Beauty App. For those who like it simple and subtle can go in for easier designs and muted colours. White nail paint with just the word love painted on it with pink or black is elegant and not too over-the-top.

Another classic design is the heart with stripes or if you want to try a retro look hearts with polka dots are way to go. But if you are the kinds who love to make a statement then go beyond the heart motif. Get a funky heartbeat pattern or put a message for him on your nails or just make a lip-kiss design that would surely give him some naughty hints! You can also do 10 different designs on each nail with roses, cupcakes, a couple, glitter hearts, heart with an arrow, reverse hearts or lips kiss on just finger tips, I love you, initials of his name or even a kiss emoji – a different love theme for each nail.

And if you wants some nailspiration check our fave picks below.

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