Are you Hug Ready?

Posted by Jyoti Watchmaker | February 11, 2017 | Lifestyle

Do you know that hugging is one of the most powerful tools of healing? It has immense benefits, a hug a day can:

  • Boost Immune system and white blood cells
  • Releases oxytocin which can heal feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Relieves depression and elevates happiness
  • It boosts self-esteem
  • It releases endorphins, which relieve pain.
  • It is also a stress buster

Apart from the above, there are many other benefits of hugs; it really is like a miracle therapy without any cost. Tomorrow being Hug Day, celebrate it by hugging your family, friends, loved ones to express your love and affection for them. Not to forget your partner, who would love to have your arms wrapped around his neck, press towards him to give him an intimate hug. But before doing that, do not forget that he will be noticing you as you both would be cheek-to-cheek. You do not want him to get uncomfortable with spots or pigmentation on your face or run away scared of your facial hair or get horrified with your acne. So download the Zooty App right away, book an appointment to put your best face forward- and make the hug more memorable for both of you J


Rather than going in for an elaborate facial you can also go in for a clean-up instead. It works well to keep blemishes, blackheads and minor imperfections of your skin away. Due to pollution, dirt and sweat our pores tend to get clogged. A regular face clean-up also unclogs your pores and lets the skin breathe, giving it a squeaky clean look.

Face Bleach

You want an instant glow? Then face bleach is the quickest way to get it. It improves the skin tone by whitening the facial hair, dark spots and freckles. You can ditch all those creams which promise fair and glowing skin and instead lighten your tan by getting bleaching done.


The best, quickest and most reasonable way to remove hair on the face. Facial hair can be a huge turn-off so make sure to get those stunningly shaped brows and clean upper lip. In case you have too much hair on the chin or the face then peel-off waxing is another option to get smooth skin.

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