Hair Treatment Conundrums Solved!

Posted by Jyoti Watchmaker | February 23, 2017 | Hair

Indian women love poker straight hair, as it’s easy to manage and not much blow drying and styling is required.  Not many of us are blessed with straight hair like the South East Asians. But now there are many procedures available at leading salons that can help to bestow us with semi-permanent straightened locks.  Confused between the different hair treatments namely Keratin, Cysteine, Smoothening and rebonding- we get you the difference between them. All these are trending big time in the beauty industry.

According to Vikas Marwah, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Vikas Marwah salon and academy, – “The basic difference is that Keratin is a biological protein, which add more strength and gloss to the hair and makes it more elastic. The hair becomes 20 percent stronger, it stops hair breakage. Hair becomes 20 percent stronger, it doesn’t straighten your hair completely rather gives a natural blow dried finish. It stays for about 3-4 months, depending on your post care of the hair. As for Smoothening it lasts for about a period of 6-8 months, breaks the bond of the hair, and gives the hair a little straighter look. Rebonding is completely poker straight hair; it makes your hair flat. A lot of women these days don’t like that kind of look. They want something which gives the hair a more natural fall and shine. For that Keratin or Cysteine works best. The difference between them is that Cysteine is formaldehyde free, it’s a chemical used in Keratin. The only drawback is that Cysteine doesn’t last for a very long period, stays for maximum 2-3 months. There is a lot of after care for these treatments as you need to use a sulphate free shampoo. If you use a normal coloured hair or anti-dandruff shampoo the result of the treatment may not last you very long. Keratin works beautifully on coloured hair. If you want your hair to become naturally glossy and shiny, one should go for a Cysteine or a Keratin. Rebonding on the other hand can be harsh for chemically treated or coloured hair.” 

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Hair Rebonding– This is a more permanent method of straightening your hair. In this chemicals are used to break the natural bonds of the cells in the hair. Then they are rebonded and reformed with the help of straighteners to give the desired straight hair. This technique lasts for a long time, Hair needs a lot of care after this treatment and tend to gets damaged as a lot of chemicals are used

Keratin – A protein treatment when frizzy hair is coated with Keratin, it leaves the hair silky and straight. It cuts down on the frizz and is preferred in the long run than rebonding. The chemicals used in this treatment are not as strong so it lasts only for a few months. 

Smoothening– It retains the natural look of the hair but does make the hair smooth and shiny. Again it is a temporary treatment that stays only for a few months and doesn’t alter the hair structure. It involves saturating the hair with formaldehyde solution and locked in a flat positon using a flat iron. This treatment works well for hair with less volume.

Cysteine– Classified as the safest as compared to all of the above, it works with the protein in the hair itself.  The idea behind this treatment is to get the hair back to being shiny and soft, restoring your crowning glory. It is a temporary treatment that lasts for 2-3 months only. The good part about this treatment is that it’s less harsh and no harmful chemicals are used. 

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