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Hairdressing was in his genes since both his parents were in the same field. Vikas Marwah is a major name in Indian hairdressing, having styled hair for many Bollywood celebrities. From back-stage to on-stage, classic to contemporary, simple to outrageous, commercial to Avant garde, Vikas has a flair for hair. With his strong foundation in teaching and attention to detail, he has become a creative force in the hair education arena and is well recognized for his innovative and advanced cutting and colouring techniques. Zooty spoke to him about his work which is his passion:

  1. What inspired you to get into the field of hair dressing and styling?

From childhood I have been assisting my dad, he was also a hair dresser. At a very young age I used to sit at the salon and watch my parents cut and style hair. I decided to pursue it as my career and went abroad to do my training. Then I came back and started assisting a couple of hairdressers and learnt from them. Later I launched myself with my salons and academy.

  1. You have worked with many celebrities, who has been your most favourite and why?

We give equal importance to each and every client. I have worked with Arjun Rampal, Mallika Sherawat, Zayed Khan, TV stars and top models. They are very nice and friendly although some do have their tantrums. I have had a good experience so far with all the celebrities that I have worked with.

  1. What hair trends do you foresee in 2017 in terms of cuts and styles?

Side Bangs are very in for women and also the graduated bobs. Pixie and messy haircuts, short crops are very much in vogue.

  1. Out of the two which one do you enjoy more-haircuts or hair colours?

I enjoy both equally, although in colours you can experiment a lot. There are lots of different ways and techniques in which you can use colours. With cuts if you are willing to experiment you can drastically change your look.

  1. What must one consider before getting a haircut?

Before getting a haircut you need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly it’s your face shape like if you have a round shape what haircut will suit you. Always consult a professional stylist as to what needs to be done. Also your hair texture, you have to be realistic and keep in mind your hair texture has to match with your hair cut.  If you know your texture, you can do a research on what would look good. Take the advice of your stylist, like if you have curly or wavy hair, you need to have a realistic expectation about the haircut.

  1. Which are your favourite hair colours, which you work a lot with?

These days I am working with a lot of pastel and funky shades like blue, green and yellow. Thanks to Olaplex, pastel colours have become easier to achieve without damaging the hair. For tips we use a lot of ombre. Also while deciding a colour we also take eye colour, original hair colour, skin tone in account. For Indian skin tones the safest colours are browns, chocolates, caramels and mocha.

  1. According to you what trends would we foresee in hair colour for 2017?

Although pastels are in but they don’t suit everyone. My advice is to consult with a good stylist and let them recommend you.  You also carry your choice of colours. Show them what you like and also if the colour is easy to achieve on your hair. Not every colour can catch on every hair. Shades of brown, mocha and chocolate are subtle which can be used on every second person.

  1. A classic hair style which one can’t go wrong with?

A long layered hair cut with side bangs or a square layered haircut. For some face shapes a graduated bob looks nice.

  1. A hair disaster of all times which you feel can be avoided?

A pale yellow or a blonde looks very shabby and horrible. You have to be very careful when you are cutting a fringe it has to match with the length and texture of your hair. The geometric angle of the fringe has to be proper.

  1. Ideal hair care regime which you feel a busy working woman can follow?

Always use a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner.  Use a hair mask once in a week. Also always use a hair serum and carry a hair sunscreen which you can easily apply. Just 2 drops of hair serum is good enough. Buy a water based hair moisturising kit it can be used anywhere and is not heavy on the hair. It merges with the hair easily and acts as a heat protector.

  1. Hair Myths that we should stop believing?

A lot of women believe that oiling helps in hair growth which is actually not true. Oiling if done properly with massage on the scalp stimulates the blood circulation, then the hair grows faster and thicker.  Just putting oil and washing it doesn’t help much. Oil massage done once in a while not very often can really help. If you use a lot of oil and then you use a shampoo to remove that oil it’s very damaging to the hair.

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