Bangs: 101

Posted by Jyoti Watchmaker | March 7, 2017 | Hair

For those who do not want to chop their hair too much but at the same time reinvent their look, bangs can work well. The best part is that they look good on most types of hair be it curly, wavy or straight.  It also helps to cover any flaws, so make sure that you choose a style that goes well with your face shape. Those with scanty hair growth on the front of their head should also go in for bangs.  Style it by side combing it and giving it an extra volume which gives a fuller look to the hair. Don’t forget to book you hair cut appointment on the Zooty app with some of the best hair salons to choose from.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift and closer home Bipasha Basu, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anushka Sharma have made a style statement with their bangs.  Be it short, medium or long, a variety of styling options can be done.  Celebrity hair stylist Vikas Marwah suggests bangs according to your face shape, he advises, “For a Square face, I would suggest a side bang. For a round Face shape, a peek-a-boo fringe which is straight on the forehead, touching your eyebrows.  While those with a heart shaped face can go in for a versatile parting with the fringe on both the sides. They can also have an option of pulling the hair back in a ponytail. For an oval shaped face, something which gives volume on the crown and the parting can be on either sides- left or right. Some people don’t like hair coming on their face, so a tic-tac clip can be used to clip it properly. As for a long face, a side fringe and not a centre parting because then the face will look longer. To make it look more round you can opt for a side bang.”

It’s always best to tailor your bangs according to your face shape:

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