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Posted by Jyoti Watchmaker | March 10, 2017 | Skin

The festival of colours is here, there is lots of colours, laughter, fun with family and friends. But the after effects of Holi are not so flattering for your hair and skin as it really bears the brunt of harsh colours, chemicals and coloured water. It’s always a good idea to be prepared before the festival so that you save your skin and hair from any damage. Skin irritation, allergies, hair problems are some of the casualties of Holi so prep your skin.
Blossom Kochhar, pioneer in the field of Aromatherapy in India shares tips to Holi proof your skin:
Hair– Oil your hair before soaking yourself in Holi festivities to save them from the damage from all the harmful colours and chemicals. Synthetic colours cause hair to dry and harm the top most keratin layer of your hair. Remember to tie or braid your hair or cover your head with a scarf as it reduces the chances of colours seeping in your scalp.
Lips – Glide some lip balm or a lipstick on your lips to keep them protected and well moisturised at the same time.
Nails –Apply coconut oil on your nails to prevent them from absorbing the abrasive Holi colours. You can also apply dark nail paint or dab some Vaseline/petroleum jelly on your nail beds, folds and cuticles for a protective coverage.
Body – Moisturize your legs and feet with jojoba oil before stepping out to play Holi.
Apply a waterproof sun block cream to avoid the ‘photo-toxic’ reaction caused by lethal mix of sun and water.
Splash as much water as you can on your skin while playing Holi to ensure minimum contact with the harmful and toxic chemical laden colours.
Post Holi care
Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to some yoghurt, apply on the scalp, leave on for 30 minutes and rinse it off.
In case of itching and irritation on the skin, apply rose water or aloe vera juice followed by 1 drop each of tea tree and lavender mixed in jojoba oil.
Do not scrub your skin after Holi as it can further irritate and dry up the epidermal barrier of your skin. Use a cream based cleanser before taking a bath.
You can also go to a salon the day after Holi and go in for a facial or a hair spa for damage control. Just download the Zooty app and book your appointments in advance.

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