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Posted by Ashwini Paranjape | April 3, 2017 | Lifestyle

#DirectorSpeaks: Kaamna Datwani on the story behind Soul of Style, ice-cream mani-pedis and much more!

What’s the story behind the name, ‘Soul of Style?’
‘I have always felt that being, looking and feeling trendy or stylish starts with outer as well as inner beauty. Beauty, in my opinion will always be the essential substance behind extraordinary style-hence the name, Soul of Style!’

Tell us about your constant source of inspiration!
‘The competition in the beauty service industry is literally never-ending! In this very area (Santacruz West) the number of salons is boundless. Hence, I always try to incorporate trending, innovative techniques along with premium products to stay ahead in the game and that is what keeps me going

Speaking of innovative techniques at Soul of Style, we are dying to know about the quirky ice- cream mani-pedis! 
*Laughs* ‘ We use ice-cream scoop shaped, flavoured bath bombs that are infused with oils, minerals, fragrances and are literally made to love your skin. They are paraben as well as preservative-free and have varied flavours like Strawberry, Chocolate, etc. It’s the perfect indulgence without an ounce of guilt!

Why did you decide to become a part of this Industry?
I have been the director of Datwani Hotels for more than a decade. My families have always been a part of the service industry. Always wanting to offer excellent, professional beauty services in a hygienic place, the minute I saw this space, I fell in love with it! Beauty for me is passion and that is how Soul of Style was initiated

Who is your favourite beauty icon?
Marilyn Monroe- she is the perfect epitome of beauty, style and everybody knows her!

Where do you see Soul of Style in the next five years?
At the top!

#StylistSpeaks: Meet Arnold D’souza, Creative Director for Soul of Style who lives by the adage ‘from the cradle to the grave, lies a haircut and a shave!’

First things first- what’s the best part about working at Soul of Style? 
‘The freedom to experiment! The clientele is eclectic and my interaction with them is what I love the most about working with Soul of Style. Every person who comes to my chair has a different story to share and it seems beautiful- such interactions with the client is what keeps me going!

What made you take up hair styling as a profession?
‘The first thing that a girl does right before starting college is-get a haircut and I have often observed,  that just brings a welcome change to your entire personality. I have always believed that everyone is beautiful and the thought of making someone realize their beauty is why I chose this profession’

Tell us one thing that you absolutely love about your profession.
‘The best part about being a stylist is that, there are NO WRONGS! You get to express yourself with absolute freedom’

Name one celebrity you would do anything to work with
Kangana Ranaut! She has beautiful, curly hair and it could be refreshingly challenging to work on it.

What’s your all-time favourite hair trend?
Messy hair, don’t care!

What do you think will be the biggest hair trend of 2017?
Balayage is one hip and happening trend taking the beauty world by storm. Also, short crops are very in right now and look like they are here to stay.

Give one beauty tip that you absolutely swear by! 
I am all about keeping it natural, using too many products is never the answer. One thing I do recommend however is using a diffuser as it boosts hair volume and looks amazing, always.

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