Meet your new beauty BFF: Zooty- The Beauty App!

Posted by Ashwini Paranjape | April 11, 2017 | Updates

Chipped nails. Frizzy hair. Waning hair colour. Tired body- are the consequences of never being able to fulfill your much-needed beauty resolutions. But what if you had that constant source of inspiration, just like your best friend in real life to pick yourself up, every time you tumble down the ever-changing beauty-verse? Well, you will most definitely end up with a head full of gorgeous hair, on-trend nails and a rejuvenated soul to compliment your new beauty regime. How you ask? Fret not, we have already found the one for you. All you have got to do is hit download and make space on your beloved cellphone!

Just in case, you have a lot of ‘Why’s in your head:
Zooty made its debut in the Indian beauty industry in March 2017 and connects more than 6000 + salons and spas in India.

Browse, compare, book!

The perfect haircut of your dreams might just be around the corner and for all you know, you might have walked right past it! Zooty lets you cruise through the best of salons in your locality, compare their rate cards and then ultimately book the salon that is best suitable for your need of the hour, complete with guaranteed cashback.

Book the look.

In this raging world of social media, you never know when inspiration might strike and you absolutely have to avail that amazing pedicure that you read about or a manicure that you are completely lusting after. Well, chances are, Zooty will actually lead you to your desired salon destination where achieving that look is just a click and a swipe away! This is the only app that allows beauty aficionados to shop the looks and avail premium salon services of their choice.

Fun features that will always make you come back.
A refreshing user interface allows easy navigation in order to explore, compare various exclusive offers, hair inspirations, nail art wonders and much more! The app also lets you pick one ‘Zooty Favourite Salon’ that guarantees flat 20% cashback on EVERY visit to that salon. Zooty also helps you find the quickest route to your preferred salon, thus making sure that you are never too late look, feel and be your best!

Time to show your new beauty bff how lucky it is to have YOU! Download now: Android & iOS

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