Myth Busted – Bikini Wax

Posted by Ashwini Paranjape | April 26, 2017 | Skin

‘Do not believe EVERYTHING you hear’ should be your go-to mantra before opting for a bikini wax!

  1. Myth: ‘There is no right timing for getting a bikini-wax’

Reality check: Of course, there is- just like everything else! Even in case of a bikini-wax emergency, be wise and opt for it mid menstruation cycle. Studies suggest that pain-tolerance peaks during ovulation and hence is regarded as the most apt time to schedule an appointment.

  1.  Myth: ‘D-I-Y bikini waxing yields the best of results’

Reality check: Doing-it-yourselves is the best possible, less time-consuming and buck-saving method out there, but sadly it does not minimize potential risks like blisters, scarring, etc. It is ALWAYS advisable to let a professional handle this hairy business.

  1. Myth: ‘It is not advisable to make it a customary ritual’

Reality check:Once a bikini-waxer, always a bikini-waxer! Waxing the pubic area on a regular basis is an absolute must as it reduces growth and paves the way for finer, softer hair. P.S: habitual waxing ensures lesser pain and a reduced sense of itching.

  1. Myth: ‘ In-growth of hair is caused due to waxing’

Reality check:If this supposed fact is the main cause of you not getting a bikini wax, then it definitely is time to rethink. Using a razor contributes in excess, towards in-growth of hair than waxing and is a major cause of genital itching as well.

  1. Myth: ‘Shorter the hair, the better’

Reality check: Haven’t we all believed this at some point in our lives? It totally blew our minds too, when we came across the fact that trimming pubic hair before waxing is literally of NO help! Longer the length, easier it is to remove it from the roots and halt in-growth in its tracks.

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