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Posted by Ashwini Paranjape | May 2, 2017 | Skin

Because you deserve nothing less than fuss-free, fabulous facial treatments!

Myth: ‘Facials are for women ONLY’
Reality check: Absolutely not- we take absolute pleasure in informing you that facials do not discriminate based on gender! According to research, men need to get a facial done more often, as they produce more oil, owing to higher testosterone levels.

Myth: ‘A regular facial pattern is not necessary’
Reality check: For those who do have a scheduled facial treatments, swear by its many benefits. We tend to treat it as a one time ritual, which does not really yield any results. To get the best out of a facial treatment, follow a strict process regularly based on your skin type and needs.

Myth: ‘Breaking out after a facial is a common phenomenon’
Reality check: Acne breakouts are a sign that there is an underlying factor that did not go down well with your skin. An acne attack is most rampant if the products used are not at all suitable for your skin type. Be wise and provide all the possible info to your preferred beautician before going all out!

Myth: ‘Masking is an ideal replacement for facials’
Reality check: Masks of varied types (sheets, peel-offs) are literally a beauty boon, thanks to their ‘anytime, anywhere’ policies.They can definitely be a great addition to your skincare routines but they got nothing on the full potential of a powerful, flawless facial.

Myth: ‘Facials are more about relaxing, than skincare’
Reality check: This one of the biggest myths surrounding facials that make us treat the regime like luxury and not as an absolute necessity. It is of extreme importance to get a facial done on a monthly basis, so as to understand the very core needs of your natural skin.

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