Myth Busted – Gel Manicures

Posted by Ashwini Paranjape | May 8, 2017 | Nails

We are providing you a clean slate to get the gel nails of your dreams, by busting some serious misconceptions surrounding these must-try manicures!

Myth: ‘Gel polish is set with harmful UV light’
Reality check: Nail lamps used during these manicures are literally the soul of the service provided. It is obvious that, the technicians using the machinery will not use anything that shall be gravely dangerous. Also, the bulbs used in the nail-lamps contain internal filters that removes the harmful UVB.

Myth: ‘Gel manicures inflict lasting damage on your nail beds, no matter what’
Reality check: Gel polishes are most definitely not solely responsible for damaging your nails. Appropriate nail care products are a definite must, if you are nothing short of a gel/acrylic nail junkie! Avoid all kinds of gel nail induced worries by ensuring that the removal and application techniques are absolutely flawless.

Myth: ‘Nails need time to breathe before a gel manicure’
Reality check: Yes, it is absolutely true that a good interval should be maintained before getting any kind of manicures. But, this just in: nails DO NOT need to ‘breathe’ Our blood stream is capable enough to provide necessary ingredients to the nails, hence creating a halo of protection over them!  

Myth: ‘Acrylics are better than gel nails’ 
Reality check: Breaking news: Gel lacquer formulation is derived from the same chemicals found in acrylic nail products! Hence, it is safe to say that they belong to the ‘same family’ as do the other types of artificial nail enhancements.  

Myth: ‘Gel nail manicures are known to cause fungal infections’
Reality check: Gel nail polishes are applied on the very surface of your natural nails. The product does not penetrate the nail bed or the skin to cause any kind of severe damage like infections and molds. Adopting effective sanitary practices daily is the key to prevent such kind of harm to your nails, avoiding your favourite manicure is definitely not!

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