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Posted by Shifa Meerza | May 16, 2017 | Hair

If you plan to go blonde, pink, red or anywhere in between, there are plenty of myths around hair colouring. So, which ones you should follow and which ones you should not? Here are the five most commonly heard hair colour myths that you need to stop believing right away!

Myth: Hair colour damages your hair
Reality check: YES, hair colour does damage your hair. When you colour your hair, you are opening the cuticles for the colour to be deposited, which causes hair damage. But if you follow a post-hair colour regime, you can reverse the damage. Ask your stylist for your post hair-colour.

Myth: Use shampoo’s specially made for coloured hair
Reality check: YES, using products which are specially designed for colour hair is totally worth it. It helps and protects your hair from any further damage. These products help to restore the shine and prevent the colour from fading faster.

Myth: At-home hair colour is a no-no
Reality check: NO, nowadays, there are high-quality hair colours for hair colour at home. The options are endless. Just be sure you are following the instructions before applying the hair colour.

Myth: Summer causes colour to fade faster
Reality check: YES, sunshine can cause your hair colour to fade, but that’s all year-round. If you have a day planned out in the sun, don’t forget to cover your head with a scarf or hat. 

Myth: It’s OK to wash your hair right after hair colour
Reality check: NO, you need to wait for at least 24 hours before you wash your hair.  Also, avoid the pool for the at least 2-weeks, the chlorine will strip the hair cuticle, which leads to discolouration.



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