Summer-sanctioned Pedicures for Happy Feet!

Posted by Ashwini Paranjape | May 29, 2017 | Skin

The next time you plan to bask in the glory of a well-deserved ‘Me-day’ opt for these zany pedicure procedures that will keep your feet feeling wonderful all summer!

  • A Mango de-tanning pedicure

Mango-the King of fruits and rightly so, at your foot service- quite literally! An excellent source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, it is known to bring the natural glow back from a wicked tan. It starts with thorough application of a cuticle cream and soaking your feet in warm, Mango extract-enriched soak for about 7-10 minutes. Post cuticle and nail refining, a relaxing massage follows with a Mango scrub. Lastly,  the highlight of this pedicure- a natural Mango extract pack is slathered all over your feet and removed in a span of five minutes- leaving your feet feel smooth, invigorated and heavenly to touch!
Available at: Enrich Salons
Price: Rs. 1334/-

  • An Ice-cream Pedicure

Dubbed as an ice-cream pedicure, thanks to the fizzy bath bombs in the shape of scoops that are used in this practice- this one is a social-media favourite and a definite must-try! These funky bath bombs are infused with the goodness of oils, Epsom salts and vibrant fragrances. The best part- these products are 100 percent preservative and paraben-free! It starts with soaking your feet in water that has been infused with all the fabulous ingredients from the bath bomb. Next up is Shower Sherbet scrubbing, to bid adieu to dead skin, followed by an enriching soothing mask of clay, peppermint and glycerin. Final indulgence: blend of Shea and Cocoa butter that is massaged into the skin for intense nourishment!
Available at: Soul of Style Salon and Spa, Santacruz(W)
Price: Rs. 1265/-

  • The Dry Pedicure

If saving water is your number one priority this summer, this too-cool-for-school pedicure is ALL you need. This method makes no apologies about not using water at all and calls for a marvelous result! The process starts with the usual filing, buffing and cutting of the nails. An electronic pedicure machine is used to slough off the dead skin. Then begins the fun- your precious feet are submerged in collagen; keratin infused sock masks for maximum nourishment!
The procedure is completely by a gentle massage with the help of left-over extracts from the mask. The ingredients used are quite exotic-ranging from Australian Emu oil to Lemon Myrtle extracts, known to plump, hydrate and protect.
Available at: Magicc Mirror, Ghatkopar
Price: Rs. 575/-

Which one is going to be your go-to pedicure this Summer?

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